Will you support us to help wherever the need is greatest?

We pride ourselves on offer a tailored mix of support to meet each family's individual needs, which can make it difficult to predict exactly how our funds will be spent from year to year. 

Will you trust us to decide how best to use your donation, to meet the greatest need? We promise to spend every penny wisely!

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£5 can help with the costs of printing and sending information to a family in need, or contribute to the cost of our phone bills.

£15 can provide half a hour of support for a young person to discuss their options with our support worker.

£30 covers the cost of 1:1 support for a family whose child has been recently diagnosed, to help them discover the emotional and practical support that's available to reduce the challenges of autism for their child.

£50 pays for a parent to attend our block of training on Moving on from School, or Getting through the Day with Autism, so that their child is supported to reach their full potential and make the most of life.