A day out to relax

L is developmentally delayed, and has vision problems, so he sometimes finds new experiences and places difficult & frightening. Signpost loaned family passes for local attractions to his family so that he could get used to new places and enjoy some family time together with his brother, without the expense and uncertainty of having to leave quickly if he became distressed.

L's mum says:

"I think this is an incredible, invaluable, benefit to offer families.

My son is developmentally delayed and has a heightened sensitivity to sound and busy environments, reacting with great fear, and the only way to calm him is to remove him.

Our family have benefited hugely from the passes, as before we would not have gone because we know how he reacts, and we would not spend the huge admission prices to potentially have to leave after 5 mins.

We have gone on quiet days and he has been able to have a lovely day with his brother. We are very lucky to be able to experience these lovely outings thanks to Signpost!!!"