A new wheelchair for my daughter

My daughter R was born with a rare genetic disorder which causes both learning disabilities and mobility issues. Due to her lack of safety awareness, we had to get her a wheelchair from the NHS for school, which could only be pushed by another person, not by R.

She has wanted her own self-propelled wheelchair for a while now and thanks to advice from Signpost, who directed us towards the Challenger's Children's fund (who helped to fund the wheelchair), she now has one and can use it safely under our supervision. This will really help with her upper body and core strength which will help her move around the house more easily too. 

Update (one year later)

R loves her self-propelled wheelchair and we've noticed a massive improvement in her upper body and core strength as we'd hoped, which has had the additional benefit of reducing the number of falls R has around the house e.g. when getting in/out of the shower as she is better able to support her weight using grab rails.

As a result of learning how to safely use the self-propelled wheelchair at home, we have also been able to switch R to a self-propelled NHS wheelchair for school which is great for her independence and wouldn't have been possible without the "proof of concept" of using one at home thanks to Signpost and the Challenger's Children's Fund. Now she's a teenager, she has more freedom to enjoy time with her friends, without relying on an adult to push her everywhere.