I have 2 sons on the Autistic spectrum. One who has just turned 18!! And the other is 8 years old. B (age 8) was diagnosed in his last year of nursery and J was diagnosed last year. Two very different boys with different amazing outlooks on life. 

Both boys have had difficulties at school and Signpost has helped us address these in such an amazing way that has transformed their learning. My older son was failing his exams but is now a grade A student, and my younger one, who was running out of the room and hitting his head on things, has now settled down and is able to learn. 

We were able to access the ILF fund for J to do driving lessons thanks to Signpost making me aware of this grant. This will allow his independence for the next chapter in his life where he plans to go to college and study music. J adores music and has used this gift to become a grade A student doing advanced higher music, music technology, physics, maths and chemistry and plays in 3 bands.

I have also accessed information for their sibling that is 5 years old and not autistic, and the strategies allow him to thrive in what can be challenging situations at times.

The staff in Signpost were the first people I saw after my younger son’s diagnosis and were like a breath of fresh air. They helped me calm down and process the information just received about his Autism diagnosis.

Signpost helped me access information to understand what autism was and develop my knowledge in order to support my children.

Signpost helped me be aware of benefits I would be entitled to and how to access these.

I have developed support networks with other parents of autistic children through taking part in the 'Getting Through the Day with Autism' course. 

Our family have accessed days out thanks to Signpost, which not only allowed precious memories it also took the pressure off of finances and allowed us to enjoy the days without worry if the financial cost of the day was overwhelming and we needed to leave.

My boys have been able to access information on their autism thanks to Signpost which developed their knowledge and embrace their autism. We have accessed information to help family members and friends become aware of the condition that we would not have known about without Signpost.

Without Signpost our family would not have known where to begin after diagnosis.  Signpost is everything to families like mine and I will always be forever grateful to the amazing team for everything they have done and continue to do for my family and other families like mine.