Summer Lego Club

Our summer Lego Club was designed to give 10 autistic children who had no statutory support, and who struggled with social situations, a chance to make friends.

We also employed a teenager with autism, in his first volunteering role, as one of the facilitators, and he was adept at engaging the younger children and quietly enforcing the club rules while clearly enjoying his ‘staff’ responsibilities.

We knew the club was succeeding when a mum told us that while shopping in Asda, her son shouted “Look, mum, there’s my friend from Lego club!”, when previously he had said he had no friends. 

Another family had to break their summer holiday in Ayr for a day to come to Lego club, as their son refused to miss it – a round trip of 140 miles!

A third child eventually felt confident enough to give up the ear defenders that he always wore when away from home.

Some children have continued their friendship after the club finished, as their parents also made friends while they waited for their children,  and arranged play dates, even if the children lived in different areas.