Fundraising ideas

Your fundraising support for Signpost is vital to our continuing support of the many local children who have disabilities or additional needs, for two reasons: 

1. Funding from other supporters such as trust funds is becoming harder to find, as more and more charities compete for the same pot of money

2. The funds you raise for us can be used wherever the need is greatest, whereas other funders often impose very specific conditions on what the money can be used for, so your support helps us to be flexible in how we respond to individuals' needs. For example, your funds might support a family to navigate a difficult meeting when things aren't going well, or provide an information pack about a rare condition, or help a family find funding for a piece of essential equipment - whatever that family needs at that moment.   

Are you ready to set up a fundraising page? See below for some ideas about what you can do to support us. 

For office workers:

  • Office Olympics – stapling race, ruler javelin, waste-paper shot, ruler and rubber relay (think egg and spoon) - which team will win?
  • Sweepstake - place your bets on the next big sporting event/royal baby name and split the pot between a prize for the winner, and Signpost
  • Pub Quiz, karaoke night or comedy open-mic night
  • swear jar – and make sure people put in a pound every time they use a naughty word.
  • a dress-down day, or 'Ugly jumper' day - wear your most outlandish/ugliest clothes, with a prize for the best 
  • sign up for a challenge as a team – you could do a local run, swim or cycle
  • Charity of the Year - nominate Signpost
  • Match Funding - does your office support employees' fundraising by matching the amount? 

For kids:

  • paint stones or other small crafts to sell
  • sponsored silence – a classic, but always a challenge
  • treasure hunt – theme it according to the season
  • sports tournament, or goal-kicking contest
  • super hero day – dress up as your favourite superhero 
  • car boot sale of toys – this is a good opportunity to have a bit of a clear out too
  • a plant sale, using seeds the children planted earlier
  • a bake sale